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Partners and Colleagues

North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (NALCC)


Resources (see blog post about why todoist is integral to my work and life)

Association for Strategic Planning (ASP)

Theory of Change

The Santa Fe Institute


The USDA Plant Database

Silvics of North America

Climate Change Resources

New York Climate Change Science Clearinghouse


Working for Good

The Nature Conservancy

Conservation Fund

The Union of Concerned Scientists

The National Seed Strategy

Elizabeth's Mentors

This is an unconventional section of a website. However, I really need to acknowledge the tremendous lessons these folks have provided.


My parents, James Crisfield and Jessie Stahl Crisfield


Gary Schiff... a friend in high school, and my first introduction to community action.

Michael Gagnon... my high school physics teacher, problem solving 101.

Mark Williams... REU Physics mentor at the University of Virginia, held the bar high!

Thomas Van Lent... the first colleague who understood (and shared?) where I was coming from.

Nick Annis... a prophet who can tell right from wrong in a split second no matter how gray the question.

Michael Soukup... among the best in strategic planning for conservation.

I'll be updating this all the time, but if you'd like to be added here? Contact me...

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