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NJ SWAP Stakeholder Meeting Facilitation

When revising State Wildlife Action Plans, states are required to solicit input from the conservation partners, stakeholders, and the public.


The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey provided NJ Department of Environmental Protection with meeting logistics and facilitation to solicit input from conservation partners throughout the state in July and August, 2015. Elizabeth Crisfield worked with Conserve Wildlife to plan the presentations, prepare meeting materials and read-aheads, and facilitate participants' input.


We co-hosted three meetings. At the first, we focused on policy and planning actions to address Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN), their habitats, and threats. At the second meeting, we focused on on-the-ground conservation actions that could support SGCN and their habitats. At the third meeting, we talked about both kinds of actions but focused on marine ecosystems.

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